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Source Files

2022.12.01 - Polygon file format (PLY) of Space Plane with vertex color. PLY file generated from STL with Autodesk Meshmixer: PLY - 156677 kB.

2022.10.01 - MicroCFD STL Viewer supporting 16-bit grayscale facet display in binary format via the unused attribute byte count: EXE - 2492 kB.

2022.08.01 - Space Plane grayscale facet definition used in MicroCFD STL Viewer during development. Code disabled in released version: TXT - 6 kB.

2022.08.01 - Binary STL file of Space Plane model with grayscale facets. Most STL viewers cannot display color or grayscale facets: STL - 107743 kB.

2022.06.01 - FreeCAD file of Space Plane model with meshed output used for CFD testing. FCStd file zipped for download: ZIP - 39152 kB.

2022.03.01 - Documentation of spreadsheet calculations in ascent profile and propellant expenditure analysis: PDF - 159 kB.

2022.02.01 - Space Plane ascent profile and propellant expenditure spreadsheet analysis: XLS - 442 kB.

2021.01.01 - Derivation of Space Plane Equation. Last updated 2022.07.01: PDF - 156 kB.