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News & History

2023.03.01 - Aerodynamic data are derived from CFD testing for Mach numbers ranging from 0.3 to 25 and attack angles from 0 to 15 degrees. A total of 240 flow simulations are run to obtain data points for lift, drag, and pitch coefficients.

2022.09.01 - Space Plane Corporation is formed as a nonprofit corporation in Florida through the certification of its articles of incorporation. The board of directors subsequently hold their organizational meeting and adopt bylaws.

2022.06.01 - The first CAD model of Space Plane is created and used for CFD testing. The required lift-to-drag ratios for subsonic, supersonic, and hypersonic flight are validated. The propellant tank volume fits inside the wing.

2022.02.01 - After a year of researching different engine configurations for Space Plane, the directors decide on a rocket based combined cycle (RBCC) engine due to its simplicity, light weight, and sufficient specific impulse.

2021.01.01 - Axel Rohde derives the Space Plane equation for propellant expenditure and linear impulse. While based on the classical rocket equation, it also includes engine burn time, climb angle, and vehicle lift-to-drag ratio.

Space Plane CFD Analysis

CFD Analysis at Mach 5

Space Plane Equation

Space Plane Equation

Aerodynamic Data

Aerodynamic Data